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achiever's loop

lately I have been contemplating this weird "acheivers loop" that I've found myself in. you have expectations to accomplish something in a day and because of your nature, it's an ambitious goal even if you may not think so on the onset. you work your ass off to achieve it. you fall short but feel as though you need a break. you can't enjoy the break because you don't believe you've earned it. so you set another ambitious goal the next time you go to work to make up for what you "failed at." the loop starts again.

really cultivating a sense of belief that you deserve rest seems so cheesy and for achievers, kind of produces a syntax error. however, the only reason we do anything is to have a better life. to be able to fully immerse yourself in rest, celebration or relaxation is to augment your human experience and is necessary for a better life.

easier said than done but i'll figure it out. decaf coffee helps

this post was inspired by Matt D'Avella's Day in the Life. If you don't watch Matt...why.

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