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Sunnie is equipped with an Associate of Arts degree in Recording Engineering from American River College and a Bachelor of Arts in Music from California State University, Sacramento. Sunnie graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2013.
As a classically trained musician, Sunnie has a deep understanding for harmony and rhythm. She is not only able to easily pick up a pre-written harmony, but is also capable of writing intricate harmonies on the fly.
Sunnie values diversity and adventurousness in songwriting. She understands the importance of differentiating a song in order to gain exposure and/or recognition. Sunnie also understands the basic bullet points a song needs to become a hit.


Sunnie spent several years as a lead vocalist for Northern California's most active and prestigious entertainment band, Hip Service.  She has educated vocalists from all over the country through private vocal lessons and currently teaches​ online and in the Nashville area.  Sunnie is a seasoned session vocalist and recording engineer and has provided toplines for producers and composers worldwide.
In 2017 Sunnie apprenticed under 2X Grammy winning LA-based production team, The Stereotypes (Bruno Mars, Miguel, Fifth Harmony).  She is currently working in Nashville as a writer and session vocalist and sharing her knowledge with other musicians through private lessons.



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