"I brought in Sunnie to track vox for a TV jingle. There was a bit on the line for me since it was my client's first time hiring me to put a project like this together. Sunnie showed up and kicked butt - we had a bunch of lead options & layers tracked in about an hour. Happy client!"

- Richie Blasco LLC

"I hired Sunnie to record in the studio for me. She was very professional and a pleasure to work with. She brings her own flavor and at the same time works well with producers. Very versatile and knowledgeable, doing her own harmonies on separate tracks and quickly understanding what we were looking for."


- Mike Iachella, Comcast/Xfinity

"It is important for me as a student to be heard and I found Sunnie to be a great listener. She was punctual, warm, sincere and friendly. I also appreciated the atta girl encouragement Sunnie provided and the emphasis on the positive. I shall look forward to growing my voice with Sunnie's guidance."


- Loyce S., student

"Sunnie is a delight and my daughter has learned a lot from her. Her strongest asset is she takes her time and fully explains everything. I would strongly recommend Sunnie for your daughter or son."

- Lawrence L., student parent

"Sunnie is really great. She makes sure to see what you are looking to achieve before even starting, then builds lessons around that. She first tests your range and abilities and gives specific exercises for you to do at home to help reach your goals and expand upon what you've got. You can hear and feel improvements week by week and she switches up the exercises, you aren't always doing the same thing. She really listens, and she makes sure you learn to use the right muscles to avoid straining. If there are specific pieces you want to work on, she will do that with you too, she doesn't restrict you to one style. She's professional, but also very fun. You'll love her."

- Ashley F., student

I have worked with hundreds of artists in California. Most of them were live performances and some were features on my own pieces. Out of all of them, nobody tops Sunnie's knowledge of music as a whole. From her understanding of building the pieces to the business end of a finished product, she works fast and well. Best voice in town, full package.


- Kenny Giaccomni, K-Ottic Music

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