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Abundance Mindset

I feel so underprepared to write about this massive topic. All I'd like to do today is write about how it is making my life better currently

When you have an abundance mindset, you are less afraid to prioritize things that make you happy with the faith that they will lead to a payoff even if that payoff isn't clear, immediate or guaranteed.

You think that learning piano would make you a better musician/artist but it doesn't have a clear dollar amount attached to it. Cultivate the faith that it will pay off. When you start your WFH day, make piano the first 15 minutes of that day. Yes. If you start at 9 am, piano is from 9-9:15 and takes precedence over checking your inbox or starting up your DAW.

Are you frustrated that your partner chose to spend time working on themselves rather than wanting to come hang with you on their day off? Adopt the belief that today is not the only day you two have and that there will be other opportunities. Recognize that your partner will be able to enjoy and appreciate the time they allocate to you because they don't have this thing in the back of their head, nagging them.

There are secret payoffs to this sort of thinking. You get to start your work day on your terms doing something fun and just for you. You get a happier partner and more peace in your relationship.

It is not horrible to place serious investment into things that don't have a clear paycheck attached to them. In fact, it is kind of a keystone hack.

I'm thoroughly enjoying it lately. And guess what? I'm not broke and my clients haven't left me and my partner and I still see eachother and the world isn't completely on fire. Well....the world is on fire but that's not because of my abundance mindset. It's because of unchecked capitalism but I digress.

Ok that's all! Have a great week and thanks for reading!

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